The Market Is HOT!-Courtney Jeffcott

palmtreelogoSo the markets HOT! And, it’s only getting hotter! So what do you do now? The home that you purchased at the peak of the market is no longer upside down and guess what?! You might actually have equity!

Many Central Florida home owners are now finding themselves benefiting from the recent upswing in the real estate market. But so many homeowners don’t know what to do or who to talk to about preparing, pricing, and selling their existing home. As a real estate professional I will always recommend to anyone pondering the idea of selling to do their research! Talk to a professional, get a second opinion, heck, and get a third opinion. When it comes to listing your home, you should be confident and comfortable in the choice of your Realtor as well as the plan they have set in place to ensure you get the most out of your real estate transaction.  

When considering your choice of Realtors you may want to consider these factors:

1. Did he/she arrive promptly?

2. Did he/she dress the part?

3. Do they know your market area?

4. Did he/she come prepared with relevant information on your home and comparables?

5. What type of marketing plan do they have in place?

6. Where will they expose your listing? (Zillow, Trulia,

7. Are they going to host open house? (You would be surprised at the amount of Realtors who do not)

8. Does he/she have references?

9. Do they take professional photos?

10. Last but not least, do you like him/her?

If you find yourself needing a first, second or even a third opinion, please give me a call:

Courtney Jeffcott


Florida Home Team Realty

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Are You Evolving?-Courtney Jeffcott

We all as individuals grow. Not only physically but also mentally. Our wisdom broadens and our tastes evolve. In our youth, we have many dislikes. From food, activities, certain colors and so on… But as we age often we find ourselves enjoying things we once had not. This makes me ponder that design taste is much the same and it evolves as we age… Styles for the most part have proven themselves to always have a second wind. Does this imply that if you were born during a certain era your excluded to ever evolve to that style again?
Some clients prove this theory to be some what true. Many of the contemporary to modern pieces on the market do have a nod to the unique retro lines of the 40′s-60′s. Because design is influenced by the past many of those who lived during those times feel like the new trends are really not new at all but dated. I often hear from clients, “that looks like something my mother would have had!” I can agree to a certain point that some designs are tired and are too close of a representation of the inspiration. Then there are those designers who took the core of a design and gave it a fresh and updated feel. For example: more organic wood tones on the market that are effortlessly being used in very clean and art deco pieces. It’s a classic trend with a very fresh update.
Taking the design trends from your youth, do you still have a place for them in your home? Or have you come to evolve into something all together different?

-Courtney Jeffcott

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Are You Cost Conscious Or Just Plain Cheap?

We all want to be savvy shoppers but when did being cost concious become being cheap? Furniture pricing ranges from low end to high for the very purpose of meeting all consumers price points, quality and style desires. With all of the knock offs out there it is a wonder that today’s customers want the real thing at the “fake” price. We understand that furniture is expensive, we understand that you may be buying a lot but as a dealer we are forced to meet certain over heads that often will not allow us to go beyond a certain point of discounting. You may think resorting to thinking that being difficult will get you what you want but in all honesty we want you to buy whether your mean or nice. You are who feeds our children, puts gas in our cars and pays for the roof over our heads. Next time you intend to buy please go forth with the attitude that it never hurts to ask but it may just be something we cannot do.



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NEON:Trending 2012 Runway-Courtney Jeffcott


Hear that one word and soooo many images race through your mind. I used to
think 80’s and early 90’s. Sideways caps, high cut shorts and really bad perms.
But what do I think today? I see great pops of high viz yellow against soft
white leather completed with chrome accents. I picture stunning runway jewelry
against solid bold cut sheer tops and dresses. Slowly but surely this trend is
making it’s way into today’s home decor. Yellow is not the only neon making its
appearance in the showrooms…… Crisp neon orange is a great accent against
mink browns and classic acrue. A more refined setting can be played up using
neon pinks in its pillows and art work. People are bold and daring with their
everyday accessories so take a risk and bring that avant-garde style into your
living space.

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Outsourced out of a job. “Made in America?”-Courtney Jeffcott

This is a very different topic than my usual design advice and furniture quandaries. I feel it is necessary to touch upon this subject because of how deeply it effects myself and many of the talented people I work with.


Today many households number one worries is money. Yep, money, it is what shelters us, puts food in our mouths and sometimes allows us the little luxuries we desire. The furniture industry began saving money and in turn began saving buyers money about 7 years ago. They did so by outsourcing much of the labor it requires to create furniture. There has always been concerns about American made furniture vs Asian manufactured furniture. Sadly this will often effect the outcome of a purchase. When a client asks is it made in America, my heart sinks. “What is made in America anymore?” Truly, not a lot. Many of the companies are still American owned and ran but with labors laws in America the price of furniture began to get to high for the average consumer. So the industry took action to lower the price that a buyer pays. This resulted in outsourced labor. On a daily basis I am faced with clients asking for a lower price on the item or items they want. I want all future buyers to understand that if the furniture they were considering was made in America the price would be considerable higher. You want to keep our jobs in America? Then pay the price it takes to pay our workers. You can not take without a little give.

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Courtney Jeffcott

Courtney Jeffcott Color Design: Color has long since been an indicating factor on how to identify someones status. Purple since early ages declared the presence of royalty, red the color of attraction and allure and white the color of the innocent. So when choosing your color palette does this old tradition stand? I would say that sometimes it does. The more modern reaction seekers will be drawn to use primary colors such as reds, blues and yellows to pull your eye where they see fit. While the less showy will lean towards more natural colors such as creams, browns and taupes. But should the impression the outside world has of you dictate the way you decorate your own personal one? NO! Your home, apartment or even just your room is your opportunity to bring out your most wonderfully imaginative side out. Lets see who you really are!

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Courtney Jeffcott

Courtney Jeffcott-

When did matchy-matchy become faux pa? In fashion you no longer have to match the bag with your shoes. In design you no longer have to match the pieces in your home. It has almost become a no-no in today’s decor to allow to many piece from the same collection. I get it, I can see how to many items that feel similar can be boring and over played but where is that line that says YES this is the perfect balance of styles and NO this looks like an indoor garage sale. I know where to draw the line in the sand but how can the everyday DIY consumer know?

When creating a harmonious room you have to start with the largest pieces first. Bring items that can match it in scale and volume. They do not have to match but visually but they must balance. Hence: Smaller scale sofa would mean smaller scale chairs. If your main upholstered item is a large print fabric you do not have to use the same textile on other upholstery but you need to pay close attention that the colors of the two correlate and the patterns compliment. Example: Large floral will not balance well with a smaller floral or tight print where it will balance well with a large print or even a geometric print(stripe/plaid).

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